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Golden Ratio Immersive is a Los Angeles Mixed Reality Company that helps clients create and develop mixed reality experiences to connect users with brands and products. We also specialize in the development of mixed reality applications for entertainment and educational purposes. What matters to us is that the experience is meaningful to the user and the creator. We employ the latest technologies in VR and AR to seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, creating a mixed reality environment, that is not only engaging but also functional. Golden Ratio Immersive Mixed Reality Company uses our creative expertise to bring a simple concept to a fully tangible application. One that engages the user and immerses them in a mixed reality environment. 

Golden Ratio Immersive is one of the leading Mixed Reality Companies that specialize in high quality MR App Development, MR content creation and mixed reality design services. Change the way your clients interact with the world around them. Revolutionize the user experience by creatively altering what the naked eye perceives. Turn everyday objects, images and places into new opportunities for engagement through striking mixed reality experiences.

What is MR or Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality CompanyThis question has been a source of confusion amongst tech enthusiasts, but simply put, Mixed Reality is a hybrid of augmented and virtual realities. Mixed Reality is the merging of the real world and the virtual world. Within a mixed reality platform you can produce new environments and visualizations where physical objects and digital objects co-exist in realtime. While MR happens in real time, it still is a mix of reality and VR. Mixed Reality has become a bit of a buzz word.

For instance, Augmented Reality covers a broad spectrum. Everyday examples that you may be familiar with are Instagram and iChat Stickers, Pokemon Go, or those DIY bedroom design apps. People tend to confuse AR and Mixed Reality, and it is easy to see why. Technically, Mixed Reality covers everything augmented reality covers but introduces tangible objects into the experience.

For the time being, leading Mixed Reality Companies, like Golden Ratio Immersive, use MR to describe the blending of multiple medias and objects into a virtual environment.


Enhance the Consumer Experience with Golden Ratio Immersive Mixed Reality App Development

MR CompanyMixed Reality builds on AR platforms by introducing elements of Virtual Reality. This is of great interest to businesses and app developers that are in search of technologies that keep consumers engaged and involved in a fully immersive environment. Traditionally, the consumer experience had been a hands-on endeavor, with online shopping eventually surpassing that as the leading way consumers buy goods and services. It is well known that of those online sales and services, most customers engage and spend their money while on a smart phone or tablet. Golden Ratio Immersive is an Mixed Reality Company that specializes in mixed reality app development and content creation. We help our clients innovate their existing services or business, and offer them interactive ways to engage potential customers and enhance their existing user experience.

“Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently stated that Augmented Reality will be as big as the iPhone… and bigger than VR. No bulky headsets, no space restrictions, the whole world will become an enhanced version of our reality. Augmented Reality brings a new world of possibilities to your smartphone, glasses or contacts. From Facebook to Google to SnapChat, everyone is anticipating the AR Gold Rush.”

At Golden Ratio Immersive, we have access to the world’s greatest Mixed Reality designers, Mixed Reality Developers and Mixed Reality content creators to fulfill the scope of any project from apps, to medical applications, automotive designs, interactive gaming, and innovative social media networks. We supply quotes from both our overseas vendors and our Los Angeles Mixed Reality Company to give you the most creatively constructive options that fit your scope & budget.

Mixed Reality Company and Mixed Reality Game Developer

Mixed Reality Games Golden Ratio Immersive has positioned itself as a Mixed Reality Company that is on the cutting-edge of MR App Development and Content Creation. The possibilities are endless and expand daily. Whether you are seeking our services to offer customers an interactive shopping experience, aiming to develop an application that helps users easily find and interact with businesses, or your mixed reality app is for educational purposes, Golden Ratio Immersive can help you flesh out your concept and turn it into a ‘reality’.

Golden Ratio Immersive creates Mixed Reality Content that is focused on solving user interaction or industry specific problems. Not only do we personally think that Mixed Reality is on the fast-track to outgrow VR and AR technologies, we also understand that it isn’t just about the newest or coolest tech. Our Los Angeles Mixed Reality Company aims to use MR technology for real world problem solving and functionality. We want to bring mixed reality technology to the masses and help businesses maximize their conversions.

This is a collaborative effort. Set up a consultation to discuss the scope, aesthetic and emotions you wish to convey with your mixed reality app development and MR content creation. Golden Ratio Immersive is here to brainstorm with you, grow with you and build your ideal mixed reality vision.