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VR Dome Company Golden Ratio Immersive is a Los Angeles Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Company that specializes in high quality AR and VR App Development and 360 degree content creation. Not only does Golden Ratio Immersive offer the very best in virtual reality content, but we offer clients the ability to rent or buy high quality VR Domes directly from us.

VR Domes are revolutionizing the way individuals retain content. Whether you are using your VR Dome for a convention style presentation or for an immersive art installation at a festival or music conference, VR Domes are designed to take individuals to unimaginable destinations. These fully immersive virtual reality domes can be used for single-user simulators right up to huge 700-person-capacity hospitality domes.

What are VR Domes?

The title itself is pretty self-explanatory, but until you experience it yourself and understand the versatility and varying applications of VR Domes, you will never fully understand. Change the way your clients or guests interact and view the world around them. Revolutionize the user experience by creatively altering what the naked eye perceives. Morph images and places into new opportunities for engagement through striking VR reality dome experiences. 

Most of our Virtual Reality content falls into three categories.

  • Virtual Reality DomesImmersive Experience – Golden Ratio Immersive’s immersive VR Dome experiences are designed and crafted to engage, inspire or entertain the onlooker. To capture the imagination of your subject, is to hold their heart forever. Nothing can compare to a VR Dome 3D immersive experience. Many of the biggest brands and organizations have used VR Dome technology and content to create unforgettable virtual experiences. Golden Ratio Immersive handles every aspect of your immersive dome experiences from the dome itself, to the content, deign and delivery. Reach for the stars with Golden Ratio Immersive VD Domes.
  • Visualization – Visualization VR Dome content is designed to bring concepts to life and give them a three dimensional quality. By incorporating VR Dome technology into the workplace, you can improve the planning process, cut down on errors and ensure your message is fully understood as it is presented.
  • Simulation – Our VR simulation content is designed to immerse the user or team in any scenario for the sake of education or training purposes. Some real life situations are too difficult or costly to recreate. VR Dome simulations are more versatile and allow you to surround your subject in realistically designed hypothetical situations.

Often times people confuse Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality. While Virtual Reality works to completely remove the subject from the world around them, Augmented Reality takes from the existing environment and modifies if to create a multifunctional realm that is both reality and digital. AR is typically a real time experience that can easily offer efficiency to everyday tasks, enhance the way we buy and sell goods, and work as an informative tool for entertainment or navigational purposes.


Enhance the User Experience with Golden Ratio Immersive 3D VR Domes and Virtual Reality Content

At Golden Ratio Immersive VR Dome Company, we have access to the world’s greatest VR designers, VR developers and Virtual Reality content creators to fulfill the scope of any project from VR simulations, to medical applications, automotive presentations, 360 digital mapping, and innovative VR dome immersive experiences for entertainment. We supply quotes from both our overseas vendors and our Los Angeles VR Dome Company to give you the most creatively constructive options that fit your scope & budget.

3D Virtual Reality Developer

VR Domes Golden Ratio Immersive has positioned itself a VR Company that is on the cutting-edge of VR App Development and Content Creation. The possibilities are endless and expand daily. Whether you are seeking our services to offer customers an interactive shopping experience, aiming to develop an application that helps users easily find and interact with businesses, or your aim is for educational purposes, Golden Ratio Immersive can help you flesh out your concept and turn it into a ‘real’ augmented and virtual reality experience.

Golden Ratio Immersive creates Augmented Reality Content that is focused on solving user interaction or industry specific problems. Not only do we personally think that AR is on the fast-track to outgrow VR technologies, we also understand that it isn’t all about the newest or coolest tech. Our Augmented Reality Company aims to use AR for real world problem solving and functionality. We want to bring augmented technology to the masses and help businesses maximize their conversions.

This is a collaborative effort. Set up a consultation to discuss the scope, aesthetic and emotions you wish to convey with your 3D VR Dome experiences and 360 degree content creation. Golden Ratio Immersive is here to brainstorm with you, grow with you and build your ideal augmented reality.